Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is one of the youngest departments of the János Selye University. It was founded on September 1, 2013 based on the resolution of the Senate of the Faculty of Education. The Department of Chemistry offers study courses for the teachers’ curriculum qualifying both for elementary and secondary school teachers within the framework of teaching the appropriate scientifc disciplines. Furthermore, the Department is deeply involved in teaching science for kindergarten teachers, and courses on all chemical subjects for the biology teacher’s curriculum are also included.

Above all the department is responsible for chemistry education of the pregraduate education of biology teachers and science education of the teachers for the pre-elementary and lower section of primary schools.

Within the confines of the basic pregraduate education of chemistry teachers the department offers the following obligatory main subjects support the theoretical chemistry education:

  1. Mathematics for Chemists,
  2. Physics for Chemists,
  3. General Chemistry,
  4. Inorganic Chemistry,
  5. Organic Chemistry,
  6. Analytical Chemistry,
  7. Molecular Biology,
  8. Biochemistry,
  9. Environmental Chemistry,
  10. Physical Chemistry.

We are supply the other eligible subjects expand the main subjects.

Teaching chemistry without performing experiments is out of the question. Importantly, we possess all the adequate infrastructure for achieving this important goal. Our modern student laboratory is well equipped, its refurbishment has been recently supported by prestigious EU founds. Now, all necessary equipments are available. Last year freshman students have already started their experimental works in these labs.

The practical competencies of our students are developed due to laboratory practices like: Basic Laboratory Skills, Laboratory Course of Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physical Chemistry.

Within the master course the department insure obligatory main subjects in two part: chemistry didactical- and technical subjects. From the didactical subjects we offer:

  1. Didactics of Chemistry I., II. and III.,
  2. Motivation and Activation Methods in Chemistry Education,
  3. ICT in Education of Chemistry,
  4. Chemical a Didactical Software,
  5. Assessment for Learning and Assessment of Learning in Chemistry Education,
  6. Technical and didactical aspects of chemistry laboratory practical education I. and II.,
  7. and of course real school Pedagogycal Practice II. and III.

From the extended chemistry education we offer technical subjects like: 

  1. Chemical Structure and Theory of Chemical Bond,
  2. Nuclear Chemistry,
  3. Spectral Methods,
  4. Coordination Chemistry,
  5. Organoelement chemistry.

Moreover within the both basic- and master course of chemistry teacher education there is an opportunity to choose several eligible subjects. As a subunit of the Chemistry Department operate the research centrum Nanochemical and Supramolecular Laboratory. The research team’s laboratory projects deal with analysis of the molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, molecular size and structure of nanosystems, characterize their reologycal properties.



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