Transboundary Symbiosis over the Danube: International Scientific Workshop

Transboundary Symbiosis over the Danube: EU Integration between Slovakia and Hungary from a Local Border Perspective (Part III)

International Scientific Workshop & Exchange of Ideas
Date: September 12, 2016
Venue: University of J. Selye, Komárno, Slovakia
Building of the Theological Faculty, Dôstojnícky pavilón (room E 14)


09.00-09.30   Registration
09.30-09.40   Welcome speeches
09.40-12.10   Section I. (6 lectures)
12.10-12.15   Workshop photo to be taken
12.15-13.00   Break & Cold Lunch
13.00-15.05   Section II. (5 lectures)
15.05-15.15   Closing remarks


Section I.: Chair B. Vajda
Kováč, Dušan: Propaganda and "Realpolitik". T. G. Masaryk and His Relation to Hungary and to Magyars.
Nagayo, Susumu: The Aftermath of Renaming Bratislava after 1919. -A Reflection on the Name of a City in the Borderlands  (Part III)
Dudeková, Gabriela: Upheaval of 1918/1919 in Pressburg/Bratislava – an example of diferring representations of common past in Historiography
Szarka, László: Mitteleuropa, Völkermanifest, Wilsonism. The Plans of Transformation and Peacemaking in Central-Europe 1915-1918.
Šutaj, Štefan: Interdisciplinary Accesses in the Researches of the Slovak-Hungarian Relationships in History. Possibilities of Cooperation of the Humanitarian and Social Sciences.
Trencsényi, Balázs: Modalities of coexistence and theoretical approaches to nationalism in interwar East Central Europe.

Section II.: Chair S. Nagayo
Ieda, Osamu: Hungarian-Slovak Relation in the Crisis of EU Integration.
Nakazawa, Tatsuya: National Identity as Future Aspirations: A Case Study of the Students at Selye János University in Komárno, Slovakia - Analysing the Results of Questionnaires in 2011 and 2014.
Iio, Tadaki: The Impact of Secularization on Political and Social Behavior in Hungary and Slovakia.
Kambara, Yuko: "Minority" Networks in the Slovak-Hungarian Borderland: Invisible Cross-border Cooperation?
Vajda, Barnabás: Local memory of the Great War – a case study

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